Company History

  • 2008 Kwang Cheon Kim seaweed was established. "Kwang Cheon Kim" brand registration

  • 2011 Food and Drug Department designated HACCP applicable enterprises and obtained ISO22000 certification

  • 2013 Obtained green aquatic products processing food certification, FSSC certification, halal certification

  • 2014 Established (strain) kimmori and obtained USDA certification

  • 2015 Kimmori USA was established in the United States

  • 2016 (as a global seasoning seaweed related business) set up golden pot garden in the United States and KC freezing in Dachuan, set up seaweed raw material rough processing factory (plant), KC aquatic products and KC Global Holdings

  • 2017 KC Global Holdings (10 factories) and China branch (Weihai) were established and F11 Shuchuan aquatic products was completed.

  • 2018 Shuchuan primary processing plant and Guangchuan 12 plant were established, and EU organic agriculture certification was obtained.

  • 2019 China factory Kwang Cheon Kim Co., Ltd. (may)