Weihai company mainly produces seasoned seaweed, fried seaweed and other products. Relying on the rich seaweed cultivation production and processing experience of more than 50 years of South Korea head office, the company adopts imported Korean automatic production equipment and advanced technology, and its products are mainly oriented to the domestic market. The company has 5 seasoning seaweed production lines, 1 sandwich seaweed production line, 1 fried seaweed production line and 1 seaweed production line, with an annual production capacity of more than 2600 tons of instant seaweed.


Adopt Korean advanced automatic production equipment and advanced technology

-In the production process, baking, packaging and other processes adopt the most advanced automatic production equipment in South Korea;

-Workshop, with constant temperature and humidity system, to achieve the best production environment;

-In the production process, the use of foreign body screening machine and metal detector and other latest health equipment to eliminate food hazards;