Why is seaweed so expensive?

  • 2021-02-06

Seaweed and laver are "seaweed". Why is seaweed so expensive? That's the truth. Speaking of seaweed and Porphyra in our lives are often, but we all know that seaweed and Porphyra are seaweed, but they are also seaweed. Why is seaweed so expensive? It turns out that's the truth.

In fact, for this seaweed and Porphyra, although they are seaweed, they are actually different. First of all, their varieties are different. One is Porphyra haitanensis, and the other is Porphyra yezoensis. In general, we know that these seaweeds are made by Porphyra yezoensis. Although some high-quality Porphyra yezoensis is also made from this Porphyra yezoensis, you should know that this Porphyra yezoensis can not be made into seaweed.

And although they are all processed with seaweed, their processing procedures are also very different. The production method of Porphyra is relatively simple. It only needs to be selected, rinsed and dried. However, for this seaweed, its production process is relatively complex, because we all know that this Porphyra can not be directly processed Yes, but seaweed can.

When making seaweed, you first need to select, then you have to rinse and crush, and then you have to add a series of procedures, such as high temperature and pressure, and baking. In addition, you need to add some seasonings in the process of making seaweed, so the seaweed will be delicious, so the price of this seaweed is naturally a little more expensive.