Tips on making delicious seaweed rice ball. It‘s a cinch!

  • 2021-02-06

Group meal is a traditional Japanese food. Since the appearance of convenience stores in the 1970s, rice balls have been one of the most important commodities in convenience stores, and have been preserved to this day. In fact, it's not very difficult to make rice balls at home, especially for all kinds of rice ball molds on the Internet. They are simple and beautiful to make. Let's prepare the food we like. Let's make them together.

mixed ingredients:

Rice a measuring cup, seaweed Xiangsong 5g, meat floss 100g, seaweed 4, mayonnaise amount.


The first thing to do is white rice. The electric rice cooker is equipped with measuring cup. When the cup is full, clean it and inject 1 / 5 pure water.

Start the electric rice cooker and select the refined one.

As soon as we heard the ticking sound, we cooked the rice, turned off the power, opened the lid, mixed the rice with a spatula, and then dried it to hand temperature.

Pour in seaweed and cedar.

Mix well.

Add meat floss and mayonnaise, mayonnaise can also be changed into salad dressing, depending on personal preferences.

A little more stirring.

Put the rice into the triangle mold.

Fasten the die cover and press it tightly.

Finally, take out the pressed rice ball and stick it with Shanghai moss slice. The simple and delicious rice ball is ready.


The hardness and softness of the rice will affect the demoulding, and the white rice used to make rice balls is not easy to be too soft.

The rice ball must be pressed tightly, otherwise it is easy to spread when demoulding.